Lust, Leather & Limbs

In the 1980s, Clive Barker threw out the rulebook and changed the face of horror by exposing new vistas of terror and beauty. This boxset is a celebration of all 4 Hellraiser films which have been restored from their original negatives into 4K.

The Quartet Of Torment


The task was to create a limited-edition, collectable package that includes all the remastered films, as well as a 200-page booklet with in-depth stories and interviews about the creation of Hellraiser. Our client Arrow Video wanted the set to have a distinct and bold design, and to use clever packaging techniques to make exploring the boxset an immersive experience.

"We have such sights
to show you."


We experimented with gruesome and creative ways to depict the Hellraiser themes throughout the packaging, from interactive puzzle box designs to real liquid blood bag packaging to an outer casing with the texture of real skin… Our final concept peels back the layers of skin, flesh, and bone of iconic characters Pinhead and Chatterer. As you delve further into the box, you reveal more fleshy detail of their bodies, concluding with their skeletal forms.

"The box. You opened it.
We came."


With custom die-cut slipcases, blood and guts on every design, and a booklet that journeys deep into the dark corners of Hell, we’ve created the ultimate gory product for horror fans.

"Ah, the suffering.
The sweet, sweet suffering."


Exploring the world of Hellraiser was not for the faint-hearted. Blood, leather, chains, and the dark — we immersed ourselves in the environment to create an impactful piece of work we’re super proud of. The box set is available to buy through Arrow Films.

Dare did an amazing job designing the Hellraiser: Quartet of Torment packaging. Dare knocked our socks off with their pitch for a multi-layered package showing Pinhead and Chatterer in all their gruesome glory. They were consistently great to work with, making this project a sublime pleasure... without any of the pain.
Michael Mackenzie, Arrow Films
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