Designing a bloody key art for a cult classic: Battle Royale

The last man standing title that inspired The Hunger Games, this iconic film was begging for a visual revamp. Our solution? Sumi-e style watercolours splattered blood. Lots and lots of blood.

Explosive neck collars. This should be fun.


Forty-two students; marooned on a deserted island, armed with nothing more than a map and an assortment of weaponry. Their daunting task: to emerge as the sole survivor in a deadly game
of elimination.

Our challenge was to breathe life into a new visual identity for this established cult masterpiece that maintains its feeling as a milestone in the history of cinema.

Could you kill your best friend?


We needed to explore the fundamental premise behind the film: could you kill your best friend? One of the most feverous topics among fans is the characters and their relationship with each other. You’ve got the bullies, the nerds, the jocks — all the dynamics you’d expect in a school. But they have weapons and a 3-day countdown for survival. We wanted to get personal and explore the characters behind the battle.

Bloody Beautiful Details


Containing both Battle Royale movies in 4K blue ray, alternative director’s cuts, CDs of the soundtracks, a limited edition Trumps game, behind-the-scenes footage, alternative scenes, documentaries, interviews, an illustrated collector’s booklet, a reversible jumbo poster, and more, this boxset stunned fans with all its bloody beautiful details.

A battle for survival


Our approach was to create an immersive battle for survival. Oink designed a set of trump-style playing cards to accompany the boxset to allow fans to play their own Battle Royal, pitting their favourite characters against each other to see who would emerge victorious.

1 down, 41 to go


We needed a social release strategy and campaign that not only highlighted the artistic elements of the box set but also the fun, immersive experience of the card game.

Oink proposed a series of interactive social media posts and competitions that would whip up the fans into a blood-thirsty frenzy.

First, was a set of simple countdown teaser posts, detailing the number of days until release in the style of the death count announcements seen in the film itself.

Let the games begin


Our interactive games drove engagement with Arrow’s Social channels. Alongside the fun ‘Weapons Detail’ posts where fans selected their random battle weapon, we ran an ‘Ultimate Battle Royale’ knockout competition that got the fans fighting over which of their favourite characters would win this ultimate battle for survival.

A Boxset Fans Go Crazy For


Fans of this cult classic loved our designs and our client Arrow Films saw massive ROI. We feel super proud of our homage to this cinematic masterpiece!

Absolutely gorgeous set ! The films looks spectacular in 4k. Loved the physical extras included in the set. The book is very informative about Kinji Fukasaku. Keep these boxsets coming!
Happy customer, Arrow Films
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