Designing a trilogy of boxsets for the world’s most beloved time lord

Our striking illustrative style transports audiences back in time to face some of the Fourth Doctor’s deadliest foes.

Bringing History To Life


Tom Baker was the fourth Doctor Who from 1974 to 1981. An iconic smile, brown curly hair and a multicoloured scarf — It’s an image of the Doctor we all know and love. We were asked by Demon Music of the BBC to visualise their limited radio series for the first time. A trilogy of stories fans had never seen before, our vinyl box set needed to explore the Doctor’s adventures in graphic style and detail. 

Sending The Audience Back In Time


To teleport the audience into the timeline of the Fourth Doctor, we based the main box set covers on the classic Diamond Logo. The logo is surrounded by the villains of each story putting the audience directly in danger — only the Doctor can save them.

A Box Set That’s Bigger On The Inside


We wanted the fans to feel teleported into the story as they opened the box. We used two illustration styles: ‘Atmospheric Sci-fi’ for the die-cut O-ring and box and an ‘Adventure Scrapbook’ for the Doctor’s immersive journal.

A Danger In The Shadows


We created a hidden reveal in the artwork. The die-cut hexagonal holes of the o-ring are strategically placed to show some of the vibrant colour of the box underneath, whilst obscuring the main box illustration. Once the o-ring is removed, it reveals the full hornet and vortex illustration in all its glory, enticing you to lift the lid and step into an epic Doctor Who adventure.

An Insight Into The Doctor's Brilliant Mind


You are immersed in this world through the Doctor’s Journal. This is where he compiles his notes on the Alien Creatures he encounters. Every story focuses on a single foe; their traits, weaknesses, special powers, dangers to be aware of, and how to defeat them.

Eyes On The Enemy


Each Vinyl sleeve focuses on the Doctor’s sketches of each enemy he encounters — detailed sketches that hark back to entomological drawings from the Victorian era when the Hornet’s story is set.

The Time Lord Returns


The collector’s art print features the Fourth Doctor in his iconic multicoloured scarf. The same Tom Baker image is used for the cover across the trilogy, but each time the Doctor is swarmed by the new enemy he encounters.

Create A Buzz On Social Media


A series of animated social assets were created to reach Doctor Who fans. We animated the main artwork alongside soundbites from the series to bring the stories to life.

Travelling The Doctor's Worlds


Immersing ourselves in this project was a joy — we loved taking the time to explore the worlds of Hornet’s Next, Demon Quest, and Serpent Crest. And the fans loved the results.

There’s stellar design and layout work from Dare Creative, whose artistry brings together Sam Goddard and Tom Fournier’s epically striking illustrations on each sleeve of each of the 10 records.
Dan Bullock, reviewer at Critical Popcorn
The first thing that hits you about this box set is the beautiful presentation. Everything from the packaging to the contents shows great attention to detail.
Beth McMillan, reviewer at Starburst Magazine
How superb this is. Lavish. The cover of each Vinyl is utterly mesmerising. A beautiful artwork.
Amazon Reviewer of Hornet's Next
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