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Celebrating the whimsical and joyful side of everyday life at Treehouse Hotels.

Creating A Wholesome Recruitment Campaign


Treehouse Hotels is a high-end hotel chain with locations in both the heart of London and Manchester. Their ethos is to bring whimsey and smiles into every day, and their people live this ethos through and through. They asked us to create a recruitment video campaign for their new Manchester location that spans multiple platforms.

Treehouse Is All About Play


Due to many different factors including Brexit and the pandemic, recruiting an entire hotel team from scratch is a challenge. Treehouse didn’t just need people with experience — they needed like-minded teammates who resonated with the brand ethos and want to grow with the hotel. Our campaign had to do more than turn heads — it had to turn the right heads.

Let's Grow Together


The hotels themselves are designed around the wonder and aesthetic of an elaborate treehouse. Playful antiques, interesting wall textures, and quirky furniture are abundant in every space. We wanted to distil this essence of fun and intrigue into the campaign, while still driving the key messaging.

Move & Play


By producing stop-motion, hand-drawn animations of different elements with bright colours and patterns, we created a fun set of videos that intrigues people enough to find out more. To ensure we had the right content to work with, we also planned, filmed, directed and edited every shot of the promotional video to ensure all open roles were visible.

Branching Out


Whilst most of the campaign was designed for video, we’ve also created a range of other support assets to get the word out. Custom emails, hotel hoardings, web banners, posters and poaching cards have all been made to maximise the visibility of the campaign.

An Playful & Authentic Hotel Experience


We’re so pleased with the end result of the stop-motion animations — how they shine a light on the team and position the hotel as a fun and joyful place to work. Our illustrated animation style creates an eye-catching campaign that not only attracts attention but also the right wholesome candidates.

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