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How do you grow an indie drinks brand into a behemoth? You release The Kraken on the streets of London! We propelled Kraken Rum to new heights by raising a sea monster from the depths.

A Sea Monster Calls


When Kraken Rum came to us in 2018, they were an alternative rum brand with a loyal yet small following. With a target market of creatives and city dwellers, they were looking to grow and had big ambitions for the UK market, but they needed to expand their brand to make a splash.

Bring A Colossus To Life


When we started the project, Kraken Rum’s only brand assets were those that feature on the bottle. However, we liked the concept of “The Kraken” as it left plenty of scope for creativity: What is the Kraken? What does it look like? This started our trajectory to drive the brand forwards in an impactful way.

Dive Into The Depths


It was clear to us that to deliver the impact needed for our campaigns to work, we needed to feature the mythical creature in the most spectacular way possible. The key was to deliver visuals using a hyper-realistic illustrative style that showcased tentacles ripping their way through various environments, leaving a trail of destruction and awe-struck onlookers behind it.

Shatter Boundaries
(& Windows)


To overcome the restrictions of printed media and to make the most impact given the limited coverage, we visualised destruction by manipulating the imagery placed on top of real structures. The effect of bent, crushed metal was achieved by altering the contours around the bus frames and imitating crushing windows.

Conquer New Territory


For 4 years running, we employed concepts surrounding the core themes that started with a tube tunnel takeover at Angel Station, London, refreshing our concept for new impact in a brand consistent way. The campaign’s resounding success gave us opportunities to roll out visuals onto bus wraps across the country, and a billboard in the heart of Hackney.

We Kicked Up A Storm


The campaign at Angel Tube charted Kraken Rum’s trajectory from a well-liked indie brand to a force to be reckoned with, and we have worked with Kraken on OOH campaigns every year since 2018. And for good reason!

The 2018 Angel Tube takeover generated an 80% increase in orders by pubs & suppliers in the area. The 2019 bus wrap went viral, proving that effective OOH campaigns can transcend to the digital space. The 2020 bus wrap campaigns consolidated Kraken Rum’s growth and they concluded 2020 as the UK’s No. 1 premium rum.

A Voyage To Remember


Our Kraken campaign made waves, capturing the imagination of commuters and tourists alike. Our fearless approach pushed creative boundaries and ensured the mysterious Kraken Spiced Rum brand emerged from the depths and into the hearts of consumers. The result was a marked increase in brand awareness and sales for the brand, paving the way for mainstream success.

It’s been great working together on the project and I think this is the best ad promo we have run across all markets with the brand — the global team are extremely pleased.
Proximo Spirits
Working in this industry, you can slip into the habit of analysing ads without enjoying them and creative like this brings you back to pure awe! Fantastic work.
Al Mundy, Director for Once Upon a Time Marketing Limited
Dare delivered a stunning, immersive creative that made people stop to look, take photos selfies in the tunnel and engage to sign up with our League Of Darkness. Pubs and bars who stock Kraken Rum in the area of Angel Tube saw an increase in 80% volume uplift during the campaign.
Proximo Spirits
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