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Designing a campaign for the world’s greatest dog show.

Eyes On The Main Event


We’ve proudly collaborated with Crufts for over a decade. For the 2023 campaign, our aim was to thoughtfully build upon past illustrated creative routes while finding an updated way to stay true to the brand essence. With The Kennel Club marking an astounding 150 years in 2023, our concept needed to honour this momentous milestone and rich heritage with a sophisticated, timeless look and feel. And as always, spotlight the dogs themselves as the stars of the show.

Video courtesy of The Kennel Club. © Crufts 2023.

Dogs With Style


Our illustrative style was directly inspired by the mesmerising sense of movement in iconic action shots from vintage travel posters, blended with a touch of modern, elegant sophistication. A subtle, limited colour palette and strategic spotlights enhanced the atmospheric, exciting vibe you feel watching the events live in the arena. We iterated until we struck the perfect balance between retro and contemporary.

In Awe Of Canine Athletes


We needed to vividly convey the sheer drama and exhilaration of sitting ringside at Crufts, witnessing the world’s finest dogs competing at the highest level. From Flyball’s speed to Agility’s grace to Obedience’s precision and Best in Show’s glory, these canine athletes put on a breathtaking performance. We wanted viewers to feel like they were right there, immersed in the action.

Visualising The Crufts Experience


Through strategically highlighting 4 main events – Flyball, Agility, Obedience and Best in Show – we aimed to encapsulate the spirit and excitement of Crufts as a whole. Meticulously hand-illustrating top dogs from past winning breeds competing in their signature stances ensured each illustration captured the dogs looking proud, happy, and healthy. The result was a bold yet refined overview of Crufts’ unique allure.

Bringing Art To Life


With the hero illustrations in place, we turned our focus to producing a full range of printed and digital campaign materials. From posters to flyers, banners, digital ads and beyond, we developed comprehensive designs that broadcast the 2023 Crufts campaign across mediums, environments and platforms for maximum reach and impact.

Dogs In Action Drive
Ticket Sales


The campaign was met with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception and runaway success. Compared to 2022, website visits were up and social media engagement increased. Fans clamoured for merchandise featuring the signature dog illustrations. Ticket sales were up 15% compared to 2022.

The positive buzz was deafening.

A Campaign People Want To Take Home With Them


Beyond the statistics, the vintage-inspired illustrations and optimistic, uplifting tone gave the campaign broad fan appeal. Feedback was effusively positive, with audiences saying it perfectly encapsulated the infectious energy and wonder of Crufts.

A Timeless Celebration of Canine Talent


By thoughtfully honouring Crufts’ rich heritage and pedigree while simultaneously showcasing the incredible diversity of top dog talent, our 360 campaign enthralled long-time fans and introduced exciting new audiences to the wonders of the world’s greatest dog show. We could not be prouder to have created an iconic celebration so befitting of this historic 150th-anniversary milestone.

Dare did a fantastic job on our Crufts 2023 campaign, the artwork looked amazing and we received a lot of compliments on it. Thanks again to the team for your hard work on yet another beautiful Crufts campaign.
Cruft's Campaign Team
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