See nothing. Hear everything.


To the average consumer, ceiling speakers seem intimidating to research and buy. But it doesn’t have to be if you focus on the one thing every music lover knows: the listening experience.

Success Through Sound Advice


With over a decade of experience providing bespoke high-end audio solutions, Specialist Audio Company has earned a stellar reputation for service and sound quality. Their 1,506 5-star TrustPilot reviews speak volumes. However, inconsistent, unfocused branding failed to reflect their expertise and communicate their vision.

Appealing to Audio Enthusiasts, Not Just Audiophiles


The target customer seeks audio quality but isn’t an audiophile. Fixating on technical specs rather than emotional experience obscured the core value proposition. Our research and workshops uncovered a desire for remarkable listening experiences. Matching this feeling through branding became the focus.

Making Remarkable Listening Accessible


Long-term branding requires a purpose. Workshops and customer analysis uncovered Specialist Audio’s goal to make remarkable listening accessible to all through custom solutions. This galvanising purpose guided our visionary rebrand.

Balancing Expertise with Lifestyle


Balancing Specialist Audio’s expertise with aspirational lifestyle was crucial. Customers want trusted advisors, excellent sound, and home integration. The new brand identity had to speak to both hearts and minds.

Translating Sound into Visuals


Immersing in the listening experience was vital. Workshops explored what sound looks and feels like. How can colour and imagery represent music’s intangible magic? Translating this sensory experience into a visual brand required deep creative collaboration with Specialist Audio.

Lose Yourself in Home Audio


Streaming fuelled audio’s era of quantity. Now, a focus on quality listening is emerging. Specialist Audio required branding that viscerally communicates the power of premium sound experiences. Our emotive rebrand delivers on this need.

We matched calm pastel hues with clear iconography. The colour palette represents the home aesthetic Specialist Audio customers aspire and, combined with the simple icons, it communicates the features of speakers in an accessible way. With a photographic style showcasing an aspirational yet attainable home aesthetic, the value of Specialist Audio is now clear to their customer:

See nothing, hear everything.

Seamless Sound Integration


Consumers want aesthetically pleasing homes, presenting an obstacle for elaborate speaker systems. Showcasing how Specialist Audio enables immersive sound seamlessly integrated into contemporary spaces was essential.

Just Press Play


Speakers seem complicated to research and install. Specialist Audio eliminates this complexity through bespoke solutions, delivering whole-home audio with push-button simplicity.

Remarkable Listening, Realised


Calm, focused visuals matched with clear icons reflect the target customer’s aspirational aesthetic. Combined with real home portrayals, the rebrand makes the value clear: Remarkable listening experiences without aesthetic sacrifice.

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